Virginia is for all sorts of food lovers

Whether you're an oyster slurper, a wine sipper, or a nightlife seeker, there's a vibe for every type of foodie
in Virginia.

Across Virginia, you’ll find inspired culinary delights featuring Virginia’s heirloom grains and vegetables, heritage meats, savory cheeses and of course, our signature Virginia oysters. Virginia chefs continue to innovate by marrying Virginia flavor with international flare, from a Pakistani-Appalachian fusion food truck to a Vietnamese restaurant named America’s Best Beer Bar. Virginia chefs make our cities and towns come to life, from James Beard-nominated chefs offering fine-dining to down-home Southern cooking at family-run restaurants. 

Virginia food also pairs perfectly with our craft beverages, so take your pick from our 200+ breweries and cideries, 300+ wineries and more than 60 distilleries and elevate your dining experience to the next level.

When it comes to food and drink in Virginia, there’s a lot to LOVE. We invite you to come love it for yourself. 

For the pasta spinners, oyster slurpers, and menu scrollers. 

Virginia offers culinary delights for every palate – from vine-ripened produce picked fresh from the rich fields of the Shenandoah Valley to the sustainably farmed Chesapeake Bay oysters. So dig in to the incredible flavors that Virginia has to offer and experience our world-class food scene.

For the wine swirlers, cocktail sippers, and growler fillers. 

Just like our food, Virginia-crafted beverages have a deep history dating back to our country’s first settlers. Our wine, brews, ciders, and spirits are more than 400 years in the making.

Taste internationally-acclaimed vintages with backdrops ranging from rural mountain estates to the coastal plains of the Eastern Shore. Experience our many craft beer towns that come alive with live music and local food trucks. Sip seasonal ciders and crafted cocktails at our local orchards and distilleries all across the state. 

For the nightlife seekers, festival snackers, and brunch sitters.

From birthday beers with a side of live music to picture perfect farm-to-table dinners hosted by acclaimed chefs, Virginia's food scene has something for everyone. Visit Virginia's coolest neighborhoods to
find some of the best food experiences and events in the state.