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Matt Harmon

Charlottesville's Wine Guru

A resident of Charlottesville, Matt Harmon spent the past 5 years developing a love of wine. As his passion for wine developed, he wanted to share that passion with family and friends. As he did so, he noticed people’s preconceived ideas about wine, and who "should" drink wine and sought to change this perception. And thus, his entrepreneurial journey with Harmony Wine was born.

Matt challenges the perception of who and what wine drinkers should be in his everyday life—sometimes he drinks wine in a suit, sometimes he kicks back and drinks his wine wearing his joggers. In his words, “there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Do you have a mouth and a glass? Cool. Even better if you have good company.”


“Black culture has impacted Virginia in so many ways, whether it's the music from artists that were born here and show love or to the food scene and the talented chefs and restaurant owners. The events that take place, it’s all part of Virginia that can’t be ignored when you talk about the story of the area..” - Matt Harmon

Matt's City Guide

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  •  Bob-boo: It's a bourbon bar on West Main street, attached to the Quirk Hotel. I love the atmosphere of the bar. It's quiet, jazzy, and laid back. It's a great place for good conversation drinks and a chill evening.

Quirk Hotel Charlottesville: Bobboo

  • Ten: Ten is a sushi restaurant that is on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. It's great for date night with an intimate setting and has great rolls. For a night out with friends it's great because of the location being surrounded by a few great bars.

  • Passiflora: Passiflora is a Baja-Mediterranean restaurant that is also located on the Downtown Mall. Great place for a night out with friends to grab a drink and food.

Charlottesville Downtown Mall

  • Mel’s Café: This is a black owned restaurant in Charlottesville that is a staple of the community. It's on Main Street and is a must go if you're in the area visiting. The food is cooked with heart and soul, the best kind.

  • The Alley Light: The Alley Light is a French spot that gives the speakeasy vibes as you walk down a literal alley with a single light outside of the entrance. Love the cocktails there great small plates, and is cozy and intimate which bodes well for date night or afterwork drinks.


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