ATV & Spearhead Trails

Our ATV trails offer riders an adrenaline packed adventure while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Virginia mountains. There's an experience for all levels so don't be afraid if it's your first time. For solo ATVs, seasoned guides will ensure you feel comfortable on the ATV before taking to the trails, while double-seater ATVs allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Spearhead Trails

Located in the Southwest Corner of Virginia, Spearhead Trails welcomes ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and hikers to explore hundreds of miles of connecting trails through the mountainous terrain. The trail system currently has five separate trails of varying difficulty for riders of every experience level. Permits are required for every rider and passenger, and helmets must be worn at all times. Spearhead Trails are open from daylight to dark.

Ridgeview Trail System
The Ridgeview Trail System runs through Haysi and combines tree-lined trails and open ridge riding for lots of scenic views. Made up of over 75 miles of trails, Ridgeview has a mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert routes. This trail is open to ATVs and dirt bikes.

Stone Mountain Trail System
Stone Mountain Trail System is comprised of 32 miles of intermediate to advanced routes. Nine scenic overlooks provide views of Southwest Virginia never seen by the public before, with picnic tables and rest areas at several of the overlooks. This trail is open to ATVs and dirt bikes.

Coal Canyon Trail System
Coal Canyon has 112 miles of trails winding through 5600 acres of mountain landscape. Located in Buchanan County, the trail system connects to both Grundy and Haysi, two ATV-friendly towns in the area, and will eventually be expanded to over 500 miles of continuous trails. While on the Coal Canyon Trail, you may spot local elk herds, recently reintroduced to the area. The trail system has route of every level of difficulty, from beginner to expert, and is open to ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikers, and hikers.


The Original Pocahontas Trail System
The Original Pocahontas Trail System runs through Tazewell County, with the entrance located near the historic town of Pocahontas. The 73 miles of trails run through shaded forests that open to stunning vistas. This trail system has trails of every difficulty level, but leans more towards beginner and intermediate level riders, and  is open to ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and hikers.

Mountain View Trail System
The Mountain View Trail contains approximately 100 miles of trails, beginning in the ATV-friendly town of St. Paul, with a second trailhead through Coeburn. Mountain View has both green and blue trails for beginner and intermediate-level riders, but is heavily geared toward expert riders. There are also 17 miles of single track specifically designated for dirt bike riders. Mountain View Trail is open to ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and hikers.

Coming Soon: The Clinch River Equestrian Trail


More ATV Experiences

Appalachian Adventures – ATV Rentals
Located in scenic Luray, Appalachian Adventures offers trails that are well maintained and designed for easy leisurely rides for single riders only. Whether it's your first time on an ATV or you're a seasoned rider, Appalachian Adventures provides safe and exhilarating fun for all levels. Guides will teach beginners the basics and ensure your comfortable on the ATV before taking to the trails.

South Pedlar ATV Trails
South Pedlar ATV Trails are a looping network of 19 miles specifically designed for recreational ATV riders. Advanced riders will find challenges in the narrow and twisting trails, while others will find trails that are wide and inviting. Visitors to the area enjoy panoramic vistas, spectacular mountain laurel blooms in season, and relief from the hot summer sun under the shady forest canopy.