Virginia's entertainers encompass a wide range of musical genres, pop up between television and the silver screen, and even wear sparkling crowns...


  • Pearl Bailey - (1918-1988) Newport News; singer
  • Maybelle Carter - (1909-1979) Nicklesville; country singer
  • June Carter Cash - (1929-2003) Hiltons; country singer, married to Johnny Cash
  • Patsy Cline -(1932-1963) Winchester; country singer
  • Ella Fitzgerald -(1917-1996) Newport News; singer
  • Kate Smith - (1909-1986) Greenville; singer
  • Joseph B. Jefferson - Richmond/Petersburg; songwriter

Today's Musicians 


  • Warren Beatty - (1937- ) Richmond; movie actor and director, Academy Award winner as director of "Reds"
  • Joseph Cotten -(1905-1994) Petersburg; movie actor
  • Shirley MacLaine - Richmond; stage and screen actress, Academy Award winner
  • George C. Scott - (1927-1999) Wise; movie actor, Academy Award winner for "Patton"
  • Blair Underwood -(1964- ) Tacoma, Washington; moved to different states before settling in Alexandria, VA. actor, "The Event"
  • Spencer Christian - Charles City; former TV weatherman for ABC's "Good Morning America"
  • Katie Couric -(1957- ) Arlington; anchor, CBS Evening News
  • Tim Reid - (1944- ) Norfolk; TV actor, director "WKRP in Cincinnati," "Simon & Simon," "Sister Sister"
  • Willard Scott -(1934- ) Alexandria; TV weatherman, NBC's "Today Show"

Other Entertainment Figures

  • Kylene Barker – Galax; 1979 Miss America
  • Caressa Cameron - Fredericksburg; 2010 Miss America
  • Nicole Johnson – Virginia Beach; 1999 Miss America
  • Bill "Bojangles" Robinson – (1878-1949) Richmond; dancer, stage and screen actor in early 1900s

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