The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Filmed in Virginia


The Walking Dead: World Beyond, filmed in Virginia in 2019, will air on AMC starting Sunday, October 4, 2020 at 10 PM ET. The two-season limited series marks the third program in AMC’s popular The Walking Dead franchise, following in the footsteps of the tentpole AMC show The Walking Dead, and the current offshoot series Fear the Walking Dead, which both rank among the most-watched cable series on television.

Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will feature two young female protagonists and focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the franchise’s post-apocalyptic realm. A group of friends leave an established community of contained safety and comfort to brave dangers, living and undead, on an important quest. Pursued by those who wish to protect them and those who wish to harm them, a tale of growing up and transformation unfurls across dangerous terrain, challenging everything they know about the world, themselves, and each other.

The show filmed throughout Central Virginia, with recognizable locations in Hopewell, Richmond, Powhatan, Charles City, and more.


Filming Locations

Photo Credit: AMC

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