Fall in Virginia is one of the most beautiful times of year, and traveling throughout the Commonwealth during this season can reveal an abundance of color. Virginia’s expansive woodlands, famously blue-tinged mountains, and rambling scenic byways are the place to be when fall foliage is at its fiery peak.

Fall Foliage Report for the Weekend of November 20 - Virginia Department of Forestry

The poet Robert Frost referred to gold as nature’s “hardest hue to hold,” but the Virginia Piedmont has other ideas. Shades of gold can be seen all over central Virginia in late fall. Although evergreen pine forests predominate in the Coastal Plain, the hardwood areas are finally multi-colored, thanks to sweetgum, red maple, oaks, and dogwoods. 

In the mountains, many trees are now bare. It’s time to appreciate the deep green of pines, juxtaposed with patches of late-clinging coppery oak leaves. Enjoy the starkness of bare branches crisscrossed over blue skies, because in just a few months, pale green buds will start the whole foliage process over again.

Rockbridge, CORockbridge County, VA - Photo Courtesy Ellen Powell

While is it difficult to predict exactly when we will see peak fall foliage in Virginia, the SmokyMountains.com Fall Foliage Prediction Map below combines an advanced weather algorithm that factors in thousands of data points and scientific factors to come up with the most accurate forecast possible. The forecast is also consistent with the Farmers Almanac, which is projecting peak fall color for Virginia, October 11-25, 2021.

Fall Foliage Prediction Map

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