Learn About Virginia's Black History

Virginia’s history is made up of revolutionaries, brave thinkers and passionate doers of all kinds. Some of the world’s greatest achievements happened in Virginia, but for too long, we’ve taken an incomplete look at our history. Incredible stories of bravery, innovation and passion of Black Americans in the Commonwealth have gone unheard or untold. Today, Virginia is committed to embracing those once quieted voices, and telling the story of our history in an inclusive and authentic way.

Historic sites across the Commonwealth are broadening the historical narrative to be inclusive of multiple voices, and are investing in initiatives that will help tell Virginia’s full story, inclusive of its history with slavery. Even with this painful history, Virginia is where African Americans reached great achievement, and Virginia historical sites are working to make sure those stories are heard.

We invite you to come explore Virginia’s vibrant Black history, heritage and culture. Black History is American HistoryBlack History is Virginia History.

Black History Trail Map

Find more Black History sites and stories at AfroVirginia.org

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