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“Spurweezy” knows how to throw down in the kitchen, but even the best home chef wants to let someone else do the cooking sometimes. Find out where you can catch Mike when he is out and about in his Richmond city guide.

Mike Spurlock is an event professional and content creator who’s built a loyal, food-loving following on TikTok with his authentic and relatable approach to food and cooking. With features in People magazine, Vice, The Kitchn, and Good Morning America, “Spurweezy” was also crowned the winner of “Unboxed!” by So Yummy TV, the at-home cooking contest for the 2021 TikTok for Black Creators incubator program. While grateful for his virality on the platform and the opportunities that have come along with it, Mike is most passionate about creating content that truly connects with his audience and wants to create a more inclusive space for all creators and viewers alike.


“Black culture has impacted Virginia with its piercing presence in all aspects of life. Virginia is not the same without Black culture, and vice versa, as one in five Black Americans can trace their roots back to Virginia. That influence continues today and Black culture can be seen in Virginian food scenes, arts, and enterprise.”  - Mike Spurlock 


As Richmond's Friendly Foodie, Mike is always experimenting with new dishes and recipes. This time he's crafting a recipe using an iconic VA staple - Rappahannock River oysters. Mike's VA Oysters Two Ways is a "must-try" for any oyster lover (or oyster first timer!). 


Mike's City Guide

Check out Mike’s City Guide for Richmond.

  • Lillie Pearl - In the Heart of Richmond's Restaurant Row southern inspired cuisine meets high end service. An homage to his Southern Family roots, Chef Mike Lindsey has created an inclusive, soul-supporting space at Lillie Pearl.Lille Pearl
  • Dinamo - If you’re not paying attention, you would almost miss this gem of a restaurant. With its eclectic menu and warm staff, Dinamo will make you feel at home whether it’s your first time in town or a regular. If you’re lucky enough to get a coveted spot at the bar during dinner hours, well you my friend should enter the lottery, and then enjoy one of the best served meals in Richmond. 
  • The Valentine Museum - For an in depth look into Richmond’s storied past, The Valentine has been keeping records of the city for over a century and tells its rich and complicated history in an approachable narrative. 
  • Brown’s Island - Home of the Friday Cheers Concert Series in the summer, Brown’s Island is the hub of some of the most vibrant and exciting outdoor festivals in the city. Connecting to Browns Island is the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge or better known as the “T.Pot” bridge which gives access to unrivaled sunset views of the James River.
    Friday Cheers at Brown's Island
  • The Well Collective - Located in Shockoe Bottom, once the center of Richmond’s slave trade, The Well Collective Brings together a space of consciousness and co-created community. With holistic healing services, educational workshops and virtual offerings, The Well Collective is an inviting space of healing and well-being for all.


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