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Selah Marie was born and raised in Richmond, VA and influenced by southern culture and the urban creativity surrounding her from an early age. As both a mother and a photographer, she’s learned that being creative and having fun is the key component to solving a multitude of problems. When pitching clients, she believes that you are not simply purchasing a photoshoot, you are investing in an experience that will serve both as a statement in your portfolio and as an illustration of your creative ability and willingness to adapt to creative vision. She takes pride in accelerating careers and helping brands create viral visions and social media branding elements.


"Black culture has redefined what Virginia is today. When I was growing up, I didn't see a lot of Black owned businesses in the city. There was always the notion that I had to work hard to be able to work for someone else. Now, Black businesses are everywhere. Seeing this gives me hope for my son. With the presence of Black business and cultural influence, he is able to see a reflection of himself as a business owner/entrepreneur as opposed to working for someone else." - Selah Marie

Selah's City Guide

Check out Selah’s City Guide for Richmond.

  • Southern Kitchen: Southern Kitchen reminds me of my Grandmother’s cooking. They always make me feel at home.

Southern Kitchen

  • Wick & Sip: Making candles and sipping wine is one of my favorite things to do with my friends.

  • Juice Life RVA: The cold pressed juice is top tier. It’s made fresh daily and is super healthy.

  • RotateRotate always has my favorite shoe in stock. This is where I can find exclusive pieces.

Rotate Sneaker Store

  • Unlocking RVA: Unlocking RVA always have fun events for the city that you can enjoy with friends and family. Their silent headphone party is one of my favorite events.


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