Local Dining Guides

Discover Virginia’s tastiest towns, from our charming main streets to vibrant urban centers. Meet our acclaimed, award-winning chefs (who might teach you a thing or two in the kitchen). Uncover hidden gems and local love (you know you want to find the place with the best apple pie, right?). Set your weekend plans and hit up all the hot spots, from restaurants to wineries to craft breweries. Virginia is a foodie destination.

Eat Like A Local

A visit to Charlottesville can suit just about anyone’s taste, with Blue Ridge Mountain views, historic homes, hiking, and vineyard-hopping all easily accessible. And the culinary scene will please just about any palate with from charming eateries to southern comfort food.

The small city of Roanoke in the Blue Ridge Mountains is surrounded with beautiful vistas and green space, and delicious dining options are aplenty.

Richmond’s culinary scene is one of the most impressive in the Commonwealth, with dozens of nationally-recognized restaurants that serve every type of cuisine imaginable.

Craft Beverage Guides

Northern Virginia has about 60 craft breweries along five beer trails, offering several distinct day trips for those looking to discover what Virginia’s craft beer scene is all about.

With over 280 wineries and more than 400 years of history, Virginia’s wine product is as vast as its roots are deep. From the Appalachian Mountains to the coastal plains, the Commonwealth is decorated by more than 3,800 acres of sweeping vineyard views. Pick a wine trail and get…

Explore Loudoun, Virginia: DC’s Wine Country® with visits to three of our 40 wineries, dine at some of our farm-to-table restaurants, stroll through a few of our historic small towns, and experience the beauty of the county along our scenic byways.

Whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or blended into a traditional cocktail like an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep, Virginia’s bourbon and whiskey distilleries have what you need to make a world-class drink.

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Before you head out on tour, dine around Virginia's beautiful downtowns to sample their very…

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When you travel, one of the best ways to experience a place is through the food. Each plate is a…