LOVE in The Shenandoah Valley

Tour the scenic backroads of the Shenandoah Valley to seek out our LOVEworks. Take country roads, over rolling hills of farmland and through towns large and small to see how different places interpret the word "LOVE".

Day 1

Start your journey with a stroll around the original town of Woodstock. Founded in 1752, Woodstock is steeped in history with charming historic homes, buildings and churches. The town’s newly fabricated LOVE letters are standing in plain view from Main Street on the south end of town in front of Massanutten Military Academy.

  • The “L” is represented with the historic guard that sits atop a weathervane at the oldest continually-operating courthouse west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • The “O” is a hot air balloon which can often be seen on cool, still mornings overlooking the valley.
  • The “V” represents the vines and greenery that surrounds the beautiful landscape.
  • The “E” is a small-scale model of the Woodstock Tower which visitors can drive to atop Massanutten Mountain and then take a short hike to climb to the tower and see the seven bends of the Shenandoah River from above.

While you’re in Woodstock, Enjoy lunch at the Woodstock Café and see why it truly is the community gathering place. Love Shopping? Check out unique finds, antiques and fine art at Nate & Main, Three French Hens, 7East Gallery and the Pantry at 117.

Travel down US Route 11 through Edinburg, Mt Jackson and New Market before heading west on US 211 towards Showalter Orchard and enjoy a cold pint of cider at their sister company, Old Hill Cider. This LOVEwork is perfectly positioned at the top of the hill overlooking the rolling hills to the west.

Next, stop in the Town of Broadway at their town park for your next LOVEwork. Come see the Town of Broadway’s LOVEwork in our Heritage Park! Each LOVE letter represents Broadway’s history.

  • L: Represents the North Fork River and the Thatcher Bridge.
  • O: Represents mill stone from Custer’s Mill for which the town was originally named.
  • V: Represents the Railroad running through town which historically brought visions of large industry to the settlers.
  • E: Represents the town’s current community of Enterprise, Education and Embracing of change.

Head to Harrisonburg for dinner at one of their many locally owned restaurants such as Bella Luna Pizza KitchenJimmy Madison’sClementine’s or Jack Brown’s. In fact, Harrisonburg is such a hub for foodie’s that it was named Virginia’s first culinary district.

Settle in for the evening in the heart of downtown Harrisonburg at Hotel Madison which is a brand new hotel and convention center just steps away from the JMU campus and the heart of downtown.

Day 2

The next morning, wake up and treat yourself to a coffee and pastry at Heritage Bakery & Café. Located in the Hardesty Higgins House & Visitors Center, this bakery does righteous homemade muffins, bars and cookies which paired with a hot cup of coffee or your morning tea is comfort at its finest.

After satisfying your sweet tooth, go over to the Harrisonburg LOVEworks located just behind City Hall and near the local Farmers Market Pavilion. The letters there provide an interactive and educational representation of the community strengths: A diversity of ethnic backgrounds, a rich agricultural heritage, an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, and a vibrant and growing arts scene characterizes this unique community in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

Soak in more history at the Heritage Museum in Dayton where you can snap a selfie at your 5th LOVEworks of your trip. The LOVEwork at Dayton was designed to pay homage to the historical and rural character of the Town and embodies the spirit of the Shenandoah Valley. The rural themes also recognize the many contributions of the Mennonite Community that is such an integral part of the fabric of the area and the Town of Dayton.

Finally, head east on Route 33 to Massanutten Village Entertainment Center for your final LOVEworks a giant, rustic beauty with a woodsy feel. From there, you can also check out the fabulous activities at Massanutten Resort

They are fully equipped with adrenaline-loving activities from the rush of a Mountain bike park to a cool indoor waterpark or a ziplining adventure high above the landscape.

Follow what you love in the Shenandoah Valley, whether it’s your love of adventure, good food, beautiful scenery, or friendly businesses.

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