Small Towns - Big LOVE

Southern and Central Virginia are both known for their rich history and beautiful landscapes. Southern Virginia was once booming in the tobacco industry and is now full of quaint and historic communities. Central Virginia offers a wide variety of history, waterways, outdoor activities, breweries and wineries, scenic drives, as well as bustling cities. You can find everything you need and more in these two beautiful, Virginia Regions.

  • LOVEWork at Chase City – A unique LOVE sign made out of 681 horseshoes.
  • LOVEWork at Blackstone 1 – A LOVE sign that was made to help heal the Blackstone community after a tragic fire in their downtown.
  • LOVEWork at Blackstone 2 – A beautiful LOVE sign at a local garden center.
  • LOVEWork at Farmville 1 – A LOVE sign created by local artists featuring Civil War history with the High Bridge Trail and a town map.
  • LOVEWork at Farmville 2 – A crafty LOVE sign using old kayaks.

Day 1

Begin your day with a stop in Chase City. Founded because of the natural springs and developed from tobacco farming, Chase City is now a small, quiet town. Visit their LOVEwork made out of 681 horseshoes located downtown.

Enjoy a moonshine tasting at Bondurant Brothers Distillery or visit MacCallum More Museum and Gardens for a stroll through their wildflower, rose and theme gardens, as well as, fountains and eclectic imported works of art.

Continue your day with a scenic drive to Blackstone, a bustling town with an Army base, rich history, Victorian homes, and a huge antique mall. Take a walking tour of historic Blackstone and snap a picture with their LOVEwork that was created to bring their community together after a fire destroyed three buildings in their downtown, and the LOVEwork at Clay’s Garden Center & Farm Market.

Grab a Virginia-made gift at Trend and browse over 20,000 square feet of antiques, crafts, and collectibles at the Blackstone Antiques & Crafts Mall. Tour the historic Schwarz Tavern or visit Bevell’s Hardware, known for their model train display featured annually Nov-Jan.

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Day 2

Start your next travel day by stopping by Crewe, a quaint town with a very fun railroad museum and a historic radio station. Climb aboard a diesel engine, caboose or steam engine, or view a baggage cart at the Crewe Railroad Museum. Experience how live music is produced on the radio the same way it was 70 years ago at the WSVS Historic Radio Station. Grab a special gift or souvenir at Rose Patch Creations Unique Quilt and Gift Shop.

Continue on to Farmville, a town located in the heart of Virginia. This busy town is home to two colleges, the famous Green Front Furniture Company, a beautiful bike trail, Civil War history and Civil Rights history, and a variety of shops and restaurants.

Enjoy the great outdoors by hiking, renting a bike with High Bridge Bike Rental or The Outdoor Adventure Store or even horseback riding through High Bridge Trail State Park. The park’s centerpiece is the majestic High Bridge, which is more than 2,400 feet long and 160 feet above the Appomattox River. Be sure to snap a photo with the LOVEwork in Farmville featuring the High Bridge.

Take an Appomattox River Kayak Trip with Sandy River Outdoor Adventures or take your vacation to new heights at Sandy River Outdoor Adventure Zipline Park. Another fun LOVEwork photo op awaits you at the LOVEwork in Farmville with Kayaks!

Grab handcrafted gifts from Amish Originals or make your own masterpiece at Mainly Clay. View collections of Virginia art and crafts and 19th-century American art at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts or fine arts at the J Fergeson Gallery.

Visit the site of the first non-violent student demonstration for Civil Rights, an action that led to the Brown vs. Board of Education case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Robert Russa Moton Museum.

Enjoy bird-watching and a peaceful walk along the nature trail at the Briery Creek Wildlife Management Area. Just outside of Farmville is Brighteyes Alpacas Retreat. Take a tour to learn about alpacas and how the farm runs. You can also stay at the apartment on site with a view of the alpacas grazing in the peaceful countryside!

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