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Virginia Presidents

Virginia: The Mother of Presidents

Eight U.S. Presidents were born in Virginia and most of their homes can be visited today. In the Charlottesville area alone, visitors will find and tour the homes of three. 

George Washington

Mount Vernon

(1731-1799) Westmoreland County

Thomas Jefferson


(1743-1826) Albermarle County

James Madison


(1751-1835) Port Conway

James Monroe

James Monroe's Highland

(1758-1831) Westmoreland County


William Henry Harrison

Berkeley Plantation

(1773-1841) Charles City County

John Tyler

Sherwood Forest

(1790-1862) Greenway

Zachary Taylor


(1784-1850) Barboursville, Orange County

  • Presidency: (12th, 1849-1850)

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson Library

(1856-1924) Staunton

  • Presidency: (28th, 1913-1921)
  • Birthplace: Staunton

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