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Eat and Drink What You Love in Virginia

Winter is a perfect time to discover all of Virginia’s culinary offerings. Warm up with savory dishes at our many award-winning restaurants, or cozy up to the tasting room bar at one of our more than 300 wineries. Enjoy an après ski cocktail at one of our many ski resorts, or just enjoy a simple cup of hot cocoa at your favorite café around the Commonwealth.

There’s a lot to LOVE in Virginia, and we invite you and your loved ones to explore a winter wonderland of epicurean delights.


The food served across the state by acclaimed chefs in charming local eateries is rooted in more than just good taste; it provides a story of the land you’re standing on.

Virginia offers culinary delights for every palate – from vine-ripened produce picked fresh from the rich fields of the Shenandoah Valley to the sustainably farmed Chesapeake Bay oysters. So dig in to the incredible flavors that Virginia has to offer and experience our world-class food scene.


Just like our food, Virginia-crafted beverages have a deep history dating back to our country’s first settlers. Our wine, brews, ciders, and spirits are more than 400 years in the making.

Taste internationally-acclaimed vintages with backdrops ranging from rural mountain estates to the coastal plains of the Eastern Shore. Experience our many craft beer towns that come alive with live music and local food trucks. Sip seasonal ciders and crafted cocktails at our local orchards and distilleries all across the state. So raise a glass and toast to Virginia, home of some very fine drinks!


Food is meant to be shared with the ones you love, from family meals made from scratch during the holidays to luxury dinners at the finest Virginia restaurants. In addition to extraordinary selections of things to eat and drink, the Commonwealth has a wealth of foodie events, tours, and festivals that make for unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Add an extra helping of LOVE to your plate this fall with an authentic Virginia food experience.


There’s so much more flavor to discover in Virginia.

Seasonal Foodie Experiences

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