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It’s all fashion on Tashira’s corner of the internet. So, what keeps her going in the DC Metro area? Find out more as she takes us through her Alexandria City Guide.

Tashira Halyard—known to her online community as Tashira Garcon— is an attorney, equity consultant and fashion content creator. She’s a breast cancer survivor who seamlessly blends style, self-care and social justice into her brand “Politics & Fashion.” Her Instagram and YouTube channel are hubs for not only fashion inspiration, but also a rapidly growing sisterhood. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her fiancée and yorkie named Pooks.


“Black travel is essential to the American journey. Black people have had an integral part in the Story of America from the very beginning. Celebrating Black travel honors those that came before us, and is a step towards a wondrous and bright future for the generations ahead.” - Tashira Halyard

Tashira's City Guide

Check out Tashira’s City Guide for Alexandria.

  • Cameron Cafe: This is my local coffee shop that I visit a few times a week. It feels so good to be known by not just the owner and staff, but also the patrons. Outside of coffee, they also have a great wine and beer selection. It’s quaint and easily one of my favorite neighborhood spots.Cameron Cafe

  • ALX Community: ALX is a co-working space and since my first visit, they have embraced me with open arms. Many co-working spots claim to care about community, but ALX actually walks the walk. The director shows that she cares about my business as well as equity and inclusion. I’m beyond grateful for their network and support.

  • Penny Post: I’m a stationary lover, and Penny Post holds a special place in my heart. It’s woman-owned and so thoughtfully curated. I could spend hours just combing through their unique greeting cards.

  • La Fromagerie:  This little wine bar is owned and operated by a couple who have created such an intimate vibe. It’s my favorite place to go to have a glass of wine and get away from the world. It’s so special that I haven’t shared it with my friends or family because I want it to be my little secret.La Fromagerie Cheese & Wine Bistro

  • W&OD Trail: I walked this trail with my partner and dog almost every day at the start of the pandemic. It was so important to get fresh air and see real people – even if we were socially distant. The views are amazing along the trail and it has always felt safe no matter the time of day we visited. It even got me thinking about investing in a bike to really explore all that it has to offer. Let’s see if that actually happens!


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