Virginia is for Lovers

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Here in Virginia, it’s pretty easy to tell: we love LOVE. From our iconic Virginia is for Lovers slogan to the 200+ LOVEworks around the state, LOVE can be found in every corner of the Commonwealth.

Now, we’re asking you to share the LOVE from home by making your own LOVE sign for all to see. Use sidewalk chalk or paint; flower petals or wine bottles; tree branches or household items – get creative! Whether it’s in your front yard, back yard or hanging in your windows, show the world some LOVE. We could all use a little more of it right now. Make sure to tag @visitvirginia and use #LoveVA!

Once you’ve built your own LOVE at home then build your bucket list to visit Virginia’s LOVEworks below.

LOVEworks Map

Follow a LOVE Trip Itinerary

  • Alli and Bobby Talley
    Alli and Bobby Talley

    Alli and Bobby Talley, AKA The Traveling Newlyweds, are travel and lifestyle writers living in Southern California with their Bernedoodle, Sally. Their aim is to inspire couples to explore the beautiful world that we live in, even if that means starting in your own backyard!

    Alli, Bobby and Sally explored the Loveworks of Shenandoah Valley and shared why your pup should tag along on this adventure. See what they loved the most about Waynesboro, Staunton, Luray, and Shenandoah National Park!

    Visit The Shenandoah Valley
    Virginia is for Lovers
    View the Instagram Video

    Alli and Bobby Talley Social Media Accounts: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

  • Julie and Charles McCool
    Julie and Charles McCool

    Julie and Charles McCool are avid travelers, long time Virginia residents, and co-owners of two popular travel blogs. On Fun in Fairfax Va, the McCools share destinations, activities, events, and travel in and from the Virginia and Washington DC region. On McCool Travel, they share cool, fun, and happy travel strategies and destinations around the globe. Readers can count on the McCools to discover hidden gems and fun things to do wherever they travel.

    Charles and Julie set out on a 3-day LOVEwork road trip along Virginia’s Eastern Shore. From Cape Charles to Chincoteague Island and everywhere in between the Eastern Shore offered the McCool’s a perfect summer of love trip.

    Visit Virginia's Eastern Shore
    Romance and Fun at Virginia LOVEworks

    Julie McCool Social Media accounts: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram |
    Charles McCool Social Media accounts: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram |

  • The Traveling Nelsons
    Those Crazy Nelsons

    Those Crazy Nelson’s inspire busy families to travel. The Nelson’s traded their mortgage for memories, selling their home and reducing their belongings to one carry-on each. With one child in college and the other two being homeschooled, they hit the road for a year, moving every 30 days to a new location. Now, they write travel stories for families, highlighting destinations for their audience and inspiring families to reconnect one road trip at a time.

    The Nelson Family took a road trip vacation to the Heart of Appalachia. They explored the beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation, and incredible music in Scott, Dickenson, and Tazewell counties, the town of Marion and the city of Bristol.

    Adventures in Southwest Virginia

    Social Media Accounts: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

  • Matt Long
    Matt Long

    An experiential luxury traveler at heart, Matt Long shares his adventures with thousands of readers every day through his award winning site As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer. Based in Washington, DC, Matt has been to more than 95 countries and all 7 continents. Matt is also the host of the weekly Explore the World Travel Podcast. Be sure to follow his adventures at

    Matt took his LOVE-filled road trip from the Atlantic coastline in Virginia Beach to Richmond, Virginia’s capital city on July 23-26. See the fun of sun and surf, kayaking, parks, murals, museums, craft beer and so much more.

    Visiting Virginia Beach
    Listen to the Podcast

    Social Media Accounts: Instagram | Twitter | iTunes

  • Marc and Julie Bennett
    Marc and Julie Bennett

    Marc and Julie Bennett are best known as "RVLove" and have been living, working and traveling full-time in their RV for 5 years, while exploring North America and the world! They have visited all 50 USA states (48 by RV), Canada, Mexico and Australia. They love showing others how they too can live, love and travel the RV life.

    Marc and Julie took Virginia by storm and explored amazing scenic drives and LOVEworks of Richmond, Fairfax County, Fauquier County, and Shenandoah Valley.

    Find the LOVE RV Style
    View their Video

    Social Media accounts: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube |

  • Latisha and Jaithyn Boone
    Latisha and Jaithyn Boone

    Mother and daughter duo, Latisha and Jaithyn Boone, have been on a mission to share their love of Virginia since 2017. The Boones have visited every region in the state, using Virginia’s LOVEworks as their guide. Although their busy work and school schedules limit their free time, the Boones pride themselves on taking weekend family roadtrips around the state. These roadtrips have given them opportunity to marvel at breathtaking mountain and valley views, drive through extensive miles of tranquil forests near waterfalls, and relax on the shoreline of many exquisite beaches. In their #LoveVA journey of seeing over 250 LOVEworks, the duo has also made friends with other LOVEwork travelers, business owners, officials, and residents all over the state. They share these exciting road trips (nicknamed Love Tours) on social media, with hope that they inspire other small families to take a chance on LOVE, and experience the many adventures Virginia has to offer.

    The Boones celebrated #50YearsofLove by revisiting several regions in Virginia. Their itinerary included visiting more than 30 LOVEworks in the Southern, SWVA Highlands, SWVA Blue Ridge, Virginia Mountains and Central regions.

    Visit Southwest Virginia

    Social Media accounts: Instagram

More LOVE Trip Ideas

Find the LOVE Around Virginia

Check out our list below of places where you can add more LOVE to your vacation. Be sure to share your pictures on Facebook at or by tagging @VisitVirginia on Instagram and Twitter and using the hashtag #LOVEVA

Check out our LOVEworks Google map for directions and to find the closest LOVEwork to you right now. 

Southwest Virginia - Blue Ridge Highlands LOVEworks

Central Virginia LOVEworks

Chesapeake Bay LOVEworks

Coastal Virginia - Eastern Shore Loveworks

Coastal Virginia - Hampton Roads LOVEworks

Southern Virginia LOVEworks

Northern Virginia LOVEworks

Southwest Virginia - Heart of Appalachia LOVEworks

Virginia Mountains LOVEworks

Shenandoah Valley LOVEworks

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